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Eat More to Lose More

2 декабря 2012 - adm
Eat More to Lose More

Most diet plans entail personal suffering!  We aren’t here to prolong your suffering, but rather to disclose a closely held secret of the rich and famous - the best weight loss program is to eat more to lose more. Eating more food to lose more weight sounds like a contradiction or at least an oxymoron.

We are certainly not here to stir confusion, so let us explain. It is a fact that weight loss plans that restrict calorie intake are setting you up for failure. Some plans impose calorie counting while others suggest the least effective weight loss suggestion - skipping meals.

Too few calories will lead to increased appetite and a ravenous appetite will force you to eat more than you did previously resulting in weight gain. Further, this nutritional approach will make it almost impossible to implement a healthy lifestyle.

When you skip meals or don't have enough calories, the body is forced into a terrible choice - lose body fat or burn muscle. This means there isn’t adequate fuel for the body to conduct necessary functions.

Should anyone have to choose between burning fat and losing muscle mass in an attempt to shed unwanted weight? Absolutely not! Eating more to lose weight gives your system the calories it needs and at the same time preserves necessary muscle mass.

To get started we encourage personal commitment to meeting your personal calorie intake needs each day. This requires beginning each day with a well-balanced breakfast which must include food rich in lean protein, whole grains, and vegetables.

Further, there are few tools that can assist in weight loss more than well-timed snacks throughout the day. We will discuss snacking in greater detail within the plan.

With all that put forth we will now introduce you to the top weight loss expert in the world – Unni Greene. She is famous for counseling actors on how to eat more food to lose more weight.

Let us be clear - what we are not asking you to do is:
6.    Join a gym or buy a fitness membership
7.    Purchase fancy equipment
8.    Buy expensive prepackaged food
9.    Put dangerous chemicals into your body
10.    Feel hungry or deprived
There are many myths surrounding weight loss solutions on the internet most of which are totally untrue. It is time to cut through all these ‘urban legends’ and get down to what really works for whatever amount of weight you desire to shed.

The “Eat More to Lose More” program is designed for everyone, regardless of race, age, ethnicity, or gender. We truly mean it when we say that this is the only weight loss solution you need for now and, most likely, ever! To make this offer more incredible, let us remind you that you can eat whatever you like.
Just one month from right now you can have the body you’ve dreamed of for so many years, or for those desiring to maintain their current healthy appearance, this is also a solution!
Here are benefits you’ll immediately experience upon joining our program:

  • learn how to eat for life and never gain another pound
  • discover how easy it is to have the perfect body
  • look better than ever
  • feel like you are young again
  • learn how to create your own meal plans by eating whatever you want

These are just a few of the benefits available! However, it is critical that you begin your weight loss plan.  NOW by clicking on the banner below and remember to leave a quick comment here on this website.







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